Boozehounds 7"

by Not Shy Of The DIY



released May 28, 2011



all rights reserved


Not Shy Of The DIY Sheffield, UK

Sheffield based Punk Gigs /Records Since 2003



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Track Name: Calvinball - If You're Buying
We roll the dice and we take our chances. But we would all stop if we thought that we could 'cause we'll all end up alone. We make mistakes and roll with punches, fight without dignity 'cause we fucking lost ours tonight. Yeah tonight this place is our home. My throat hurts and my body aches. Showing up was our first mistake. Let's go. I've taken more than I can take. I blame Tennessee Rattlesnakes. Two wrongs don't make a right, but four fuck ups will have a good go tonight. Becoming caricatures of ourselves, I know the answers not in this bottle, but I know when it's empty the questions forgotten. Rot away till we end up in Hell. It sounds stupid but I feel safe when we're all in the same place. I don't think outside this room. Celebrated for being a mess, You haven't seen the mess I can get yet. Is there more to us than saying "let's party!" and following through? They say home is where the heart is, but our hearts are in these parties. So I guess there's no point fighting this. One day this will drag us all down and bury us deep underground. Yeah but till that day I guess singing these words is still top of my list. This place is our home. We'll all end up alone.
Track Name: Rumspringer - Killer Boots, Man
I can see it on your face, the cold familiar glare, you say it's not half bad but you get tangled in the way, you don't converse, you just talk down and trust that values build your crown, you'd ask for help but you're too proud and you can't accept what will put you down, do you share the home that held bankrupt moral undoubtedly so if you tripped and fell they would never let you stray, they paved you traveled down and sealed the exits that you found, you'd cry for help but you're too proud, it's all i have and all i care to keep when boiled down, i get tangled in the trail i leave but won't be bound, i don't know why you keep on killing yourself
Track Name: Mayflower - Open Container
Just take the back roads; there ain't no rush to get back home. So sick of direct routes. Fuck your point A to your point B. I'd rather get drunk and trespass. I never have a say in where we go or what we do. Fuckin' take the side streets. Maybe cut through one or two backyards. We might miss our mark, like two lawn darts flown way off course. Ditch this half-empty beer can. I didn't have a choice that's what I told myself, and I still tell myself. You never thought we'd get 'em back. We never thought, we'd live our lives like that, Calendars to ashes, breaking down to dust, If I don't fall asleep soon I might internally combust. Just take the back road. Maybe cut through one or two backyards. We might miss our mark, like two lawn darts flown way off course. Ditch this half-empty beer can. I thought I saw the cops I might be wrong, I know I’m probably wrong
Track Name: The Dauntless Elite - Primark Princess
'Lob the Gob'. Daddy was a robber, Mummy was a one-armed slob Bermondsey, Saint George flies just for you cos you held that mirror up and we spat on it, oh Primark Princess. Though they try to make you their (e)scapegoat, the fourth worst Brit and fourth best housemate does the third best selling niff in all East Angular, oh Primark Princess. Poppadom, you call that training for a marathon? Still you spread as it spread inside of you, til you broke that mirror up and we cried for it, oh Primark Princess Saint George flies for you